Steps To Be Followed In Case The Dell Computer Will Not Boot

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Hi. I am using Dell PC. I have been trying to switch the computer on from a long time but to no use. It starts but then a blank black screen gets displayed. Is there something wrong with the boot of the PC? Can you please give the steps to be followed if the Dell computer will not boot? Thanks in advance.

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Steps To Be Followed In Case The Dell Computer Will Not Boot


Hi. The steps to be followed in case the Dell computer will not boot are as follows-

1) Ensure that the PC completes the power on the self-test by checking if the line at the bottom of the Dell logo gets filled up completely or not

2) Then, run the Dell diagnostics of the pre-boot system. Dell online diagnostics can be run in order to check if the PC is experiencing any hardware problems or not

3) See to it that there are no error messages and if there are, then, search for them on the web or try to diagnose them

4) If the system has been configured to boot to some other device after it is started, then, restart the computer, press F2, load the default settings by clicking on a key at the bottom, save and exit the setup

5) Reset the OS of the Windows by clicking on troubleshoot>reset this PC>keep my files>reset

6) It might so happen that a connection with the external devices might be interfering with the boot process so try unplugging all the external devices connected to the PC

7) There might be the presence of a virus, so it is better to perform a scan and destroy all the viruses if any

8) If none of the above works, then, restore the OS to the default factory settings

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