Step-by-Step Way of Backing up iPod Photo Files

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My brother got a 30 GB iPod Photo.

He wants to backup the files on his iPod Photo to his Windows 7 computer as he irregularly encounters some error.

What are the step-by-step way of backing up iPod Photo files?

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Step-by-Step Way of Backing up iPod Photo Files



You will need the following:
1. The device : (iPod , iPad, …etc) including the USB cable.
2. iTunes installed in your PC.
  • Step No 1:
– Connect the device (iPod, iPad …etc) to your PC using the supplied cable then open iTunes on your PC.
  inside iTunes from the LHS select the device (iPod, iPad …etc) then click the "Summary" tab.
  Enable "iPod Disk Mode" option and then click Apply.
  • Step No 2:
– From your PC open (My Computer). Select "Organize" tab and click "Folder and search options".
  navigate to "View" tab and choose "Show hidden files, folders and drives. click (Apply) and close the window.
  • Step No 3:
– Go to your Desktop on your PC then click (Right-Click) on any empty area and select (New Folder).
  Name the new folder anything you want. (e.g. "MyIpodBackup").
  • Step No 4:
– Explore all content of your device (iPod, iPad …etc) using Windows Explorer.
  You will see a folder named "DCIM" which contains all the pictures/videos on your device.
  From DCIM folder copy the folders/photos that you wish to make backup from them.
  • Step No 5:
– Open the folder that you just created on your desktop(e.g. "MyIpodBackup") then paste the copied
  files inside it.
  Once the copy completes, all your selected folders/photos have been backed up.

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