Step-by Step Process on Resolving IT Situations

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I need help from our Expert here. I will state some sample incidents and I am hoping that you can all give your suggestions on how I will resolve each issues. I will be using this for business purpose. Please continue reading on below:

1. You started working on a technical support specialist on an IT department on a manufacturing company. You got a call from a user that is encountering stability problems on his Windows 7 PC. Kindly explain the process on how you would handle this situation and identify the problem and the tools that is needed to fix it. 

2. The next call will be from a client using Windows 7 PC that cannot boot. What are the step-by step process that you will do to determine the problem and what are the tools that will be useful to fix it.

3. Assuming that the company is not using any Operating System which results to other various products and versions are being used inside the company. Which Operating System will you recommend and why?







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Step-by Step Process on Resolving IT Situations



1. For the stability issues it is better if you first check whether the user is having problems relating to a particular software or is it the system in general that is having issues. If there are problems with the installed software then i'd recommend reinstall or updating the software or contacting the software developers.

If however there is an issue with windows then the Windows repair option can be made use of to solve any system file issues or other issues that might arise in the installed Windows.

2. When the machine does not boot again it could be cause of Windows (Follow the steps above) or would have to manually check the hardware of the user's machine.


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