Startup Error on Fedora 10: Could Not Determine Default Hypervisor

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I am using Fedora 10 over my computer system though I am trying to get install Xen. However, VM supervisor is unable to find hyper visor and generates an error message attached as follow.

Error determining default hypervisor


Error determining default hypervisor
Could not populate a default connection. Make sure the appropriate virtualization packages are installed (kvm, qemu, etc.) and that libvirted has been restarted to notice
the changes.

A hypervisor connection can be manually added via
File->Add Connection

In order to get fix it I thought by making manual connection it might get solves the error though nothing happened well. I in hope I get a solid solution regarding this error. 

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Startup Error on Fedora 10: Could Not Determine Default Hypervisor




This problem is caused by hardware virtualization or Data Execution Prevention, which is set of hardware & software technology that performs additional check on memory to help to protect it against malicious code exploits, was disabled in BIOS. To resolve this, first enable the Hardware virtualization or Data Execution Prevention in BIOS. The server needs to shutdown physically in order for new BIOS settings to take effect.

Hope it will help you.

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