SQL Interaction software Error issue

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Ok let’s sort out this problem if you can. I have software which runs with SQL Server. I didn’t have access to that software database. Actually I can still access its password, so I can generate reports from it. Yesterday I was working on the software and was trying to get a report  from it about the whole day's work  and then the SQL Server automatically gave this error as in the image that there was an error with reading results of the SQL statement.

I didn’t waste time and just re-configured MYSQL Server along with its database and then reconnected the software to it and once again I tried to draw the reports out, but I got the same error. And now I am stuck and can't move forward with my work because I need daily reports of it. Does anyone know what should be the solution of this issue. Is there any proper rectification of it.


Interactive SQL

There was an error reading the results of the SQL statement.

The displayed results may be incorrect or incomplete.

Deadlock deleted

SQLCODE=-306, ODBC 3 State=”40001”

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SQL Interaction software Error issue


Hi Meshaal,

Deadlock normally occurs when there are competing transactions blocking each other on the same source. How to resolve it?

1. You must perform a quick log analysis and check what causes the deadlock in your database.
2. Log all the deadlock information. For some Sybase versions, deadlock logging is not turned on. To turn it on, do the following:
// make sure default blocking_timeout has not been modified 
  SET OPTION PUBLIC.blocking_timeout = 0;
  // set server option to remember LastStatement 
  SET OPTION PUBLIC.rememberlaststatement = 'On'; 
  // remember information about deadlocks 
  SET OPTION PUBLIC.log_deadlocks='On';  

Once you analyze the SQL involved, please change the locking behavior.You may try to modify existing SQL code by changing the isolation level or reordering statements. Or you may try to modify the existing databases schema by modifying, adding or removing indexes.


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