The SQL Express AdCenterDesktop service could not be started

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Although I have succeeded in installing adCenter desktop it results in receiving the following error message at Windows start up.“The SQL Express AdCenterDesktop service could not be started. Make sure you have adequate permissions.” Thereafter a “Contact Ad-center support team” message pops up.

I’ve already wasted my entire weekend to find out a solution. I wonder why Google Adwords came in a technical mask though it has worthy tools beneficial for users. Surely, most of the users are expecting a more user friendly instruction from Google as it possesses quite talented programmers.

Can any of you help me in the stated issue, please?

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The SQL Express AdCenterDesktop service could not be started


Hi there,

There are couples of ways to remedy the issue. Here are some I would advise you do the following

First of try uninstalling both adCenter Desktop and Uninstall the SQL Server and then Re install the adCenterDesktop. If you have done so then, the reason might lie elsewhere.

There are two reasons I could come up with for the following errors.

  1. SQL service is not running
  2. No permissions

To check if your SQL service is running or not, check by clicking on start and type services on the search bar and check in the list if you see a service with the name ‘SQL Server (ADCENTERDESKTOP). If there is then check the status (it should be running) if it is then the problem lies with permissions.

Not all users are granted with admin rights, this is normally the case if the setup is started with a non-admin account. To know if you are running with admin rights or not, run cmd.exe and run this

sqlcmd -S .adcenterdesktop -Q "sp_helpsrvrolemember sysadmin"

If you don’t see BUILTINUsers returned then this is the reason you are having the issue.

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