SQL Dev 3.0: Import Data Hangs

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I am using SQL Dev 3.0 Prod version on Windows 7, JDK 1.6.0_25. I am trying to import csv data file using the Import Data menu option under Actions in the Table Browser window. There are about 700 rows in the csv file and each time I try the Import wizard, map columns etc. and launch the Insert, SQL Dev 3.0 hangs. This happens with xls as well as csv files. Is this is a known issue? Do I need to increase memory allocation?


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SQL Dev 3.0: Import Data Hangs


1) Try running <sqldev>sqldeveloperbinsqldeveloper.exe instead of the usual version. That will leave a console open which may show errors when the problem occurs. 

2) If there are no errors when the hang occurs, click on the console window and hit control-break. That will produce a java thread dump which may be useful to the development team. You may need to increase the screen buffer size in the console properties menu to get all the dump in.

3) There is a known issue where importing a file with an error using insert load method may cause a hang. You should be able to use insert script load method and avoid this issue. This method will generate the insert statements into a worksheet where you can execute them. Watch for the patch release for the fix to this bug.

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