SQL 2005 export csv batch process

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Dear Friends,

I am using SQL 2005 and would like to export the address data in the database to csv. Please advice on how doing SQL 2005 export csv batch process. If you can provide me the script for that, It will be a great help.

Thanks in Advance,

Rosellas Phillips

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SQL 2005 export csv batch process



You can use the bcp method by command line instructed by this link: Export SQL 2005 to csv.

Or by the Management Studio – using management studio in exporting to csv.

And there is a utility that you can put on your server and you can use the code and edit it depending on your needs.

Heres the link – Simplified import and export csv to sql and vice versa.

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SQL 2005 export csv batch process


There are four easy steps you should follow to make the desired process, dealing with SQL server 2005 is not difficult, The following link is the page that has the steps.

1- Downloading Invoke Sql Cmd2.ps1

2- Creating table disk space

3- Saving the SQL scripting code of table disk space

4- Using the script of table disk space which contains information about disk space and saving data in CSV file.

The next link has executing the above four steps in-details and screenshots follow them and problem will be solved successfully.

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SQL 2005 export csv batch process


Hello Rosellas,

Here are a few steps you can follow to solve your problem.

 SQL 2005, this is straightforward:

 1. Unfasten SQL Server organization studio and reproduce the SQL declaration you need into the TSQL, such seeing that exec Sp _whatever.

 2. Query-> Results to Grid.

3. Look at the SQL proclamation and run it.

 4. Highlight the information consequences (left-click on higher left region of results grid).

 5. Now right-click and choose to keep consequences as.

6. Select CSV in the 'put aside as' category, cross the threshold a file given name, select a place and click Save.

I take it you are looking at this along with curtisboy's suggestion, right? Good idea.


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