Spotify update to 0.4 the Lastify plugin no longer works

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Hi Whiz,

After the successful Spotify update I am a getting an odd error message. I am getting this error pop up whenever I try to play a file, this is very annoying. Do I need to update the Plug-in too? How to update the Plug-in? Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.


Spotty (v40300427) has not

been tested with the plugin Lastify (null) (v1.0). As a

precaution, it has not been loaded. Please contact

the plugin developer for further information.

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Spotify update to 0.4 the Lastify plugin no longer works


I don’t know when you last updated your Spotify but to make sure it is up to date, download the latest version from Spotify Download. Spotify supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. For Windows users, it requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Uninstall the version currently installed on your computer and install the latest version.

Uninstalling your current version will also remove the plug-in. Since your current version of the Lastify plug-in no longer works with the latest version of Spotify, you need to install the latest version that works on Spotify. But first, you need to install SIMBL if you want to use Lastify. You can download it from Download SIMple Bundle Loader [SIMBL].

Once SIMple Bundle Loader is installed, download Lastify from Latest Lastify from GitHub. Try it again once installed and see if it works.

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