Speeding up my Internet Connection

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Hi there everyone!

I just want to clarify something. I read on some article that by using a can, you can speed up your Internet connection.

Does anyone tried this before and does this method really works?

It sounds really weird and I haven't still tried it.

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Speeding up my Internet Connection


To boost your Internet connection, follow the steps below:

1. Make your browser to not display any graphics, animations, sounds, videos or any multimedia contents.

2. Browse the internet when there is no traffic. Normally, weekends are overfilled with traffics.

3. Use the cache efficiently.

4. Always keep your device and your connection drivers up-to-date.

5. Ensure that your device is properly configured.

6. Use a DSL connection rather than a dial-up connection.

7. Ensure that you scan your computer system once a week. Viruses may also affect your internet speed and the performance of your computer system.

8. Run a defragmentation twice a month.

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Speeding up my Internet Connection


Hi there , 

It seems you need help regarding the increasing of your internet connection. 

Thinking practically , Its impossible  to do that . But you can do some tweaks and leave some security options off and increase your internet speed . 

You can do 2 things :- 

1. Go to Google and search for Internet booster. Now download it and use it.

2. Assuming that you are on windows 7 

1. Right click on computer -> Properties -> Advanced properties -> Advanced -> Settings under Performance -> Advanced -> Change under virtual memory -> Select custom and put a big size then apply and ok 
2. Now restart the PC.
Good luck.
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Speeding up my Internet Connection


Hello experts, I did some tweaks on my browser. and did defrag may computer.

I even downloaded internet booster.

Well in seems it did somehow increase the speed of my connection.

Thank you so much for the advices.

Thank you Techyv.

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Speeding up my Internet Connection


You are always welcome. Let us know anytime if you need more assistance.

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