Speeding up a 2 year old desktop?

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Hi experts,

I've been using my desktop for about 2 years, and I think that things are starting to get slow. 

I've decreased the number of files on the hard drive, but are there any other things that I need to do to like "spring clean" my computer"? 

Thanks in advance team.

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Speeding up a 2 year old desktop?


There are many ways you can use to speed up your Computer and this are:


1. Go to start menu,Click My Computer. In My Computer application you can find your C: drive.

2. On your C: drive, right click and select properties. Then click Disk cleanup.

Properties of C Drive Disk Clean up from Properties

3. Then on disk cleanup application, it will appear sub folder option that you need to check, check the option you want to delete, like temporary internet files, recycle bin, history, offline files and even downloaded program files. After this step, your C: drive used space will decrease and your internet browsing will run faster.


Another thing you can do to speed up your computer is to upgrade your hardware specification.

1. Add another memory card in your memory slot for example: your current memory card is 1 GB, you can add another one 1 GB memory card to make it 2 GB.

2. You can also add another hard disk, but your additional will be your slave hard disk.

If you do this step, your computer performance will improve.

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