A speaker-friendly and easy to use speaker system

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I want to know something about Eclipse TD M1. What are the specifications? What are the benefits of buying this expensive speaker? Why is it so expensive? Is it better than Bose speakers? How much will it cost now? What are the available ports for this speaker? What are the available connecters included in its package? What is the use of Media Monkey for this speaker? What are the speakers available for this? Can you show me how to connect it with iPhone or maybe Android phones?

Thank you!

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A speaker-friendly and easy to use speaker system


Hello Rebecca!

Eclipse TD – M1 is out in the market with a price of $1,300 per pair. The TD-M1 have a 20W speaker output. Controls are located on the left speaker stand. Can be connected with a USB to computer or any iDevice. It can play also music with a wireless connection.

The reason behind its expensive price was based on its design and sound capability. Though there are many reviews went out and mentioning that this is not the right speakers for you, think first of the area and also the materials inside the room that you’re going to use this. With its design and materials used that it makes more expensive than any other speakers. 


Here are the features and some specifications of Eclipse TD-M1.

1.  Wireless Airplay

2.  Touch sensors and LED light indicators

3.  Eclipse TD remote

4.  USB inputs x 2

5.  Mini RCA input

6.  100-240 V

7.   Protective cover nets, ac adapter antenna, and power cord.

Let’s see the steps on connecting it to a windows PC.

1.  Download the USB driver for Eclipse TD-M1 from www.eclipse-td.net

2.  You just need to decompress the file using any unzip software. Run “Setup.exe”.

3.  Follow the on screen guide, you’ll be ask to connect the speakers while installing the USB driver. Once asked, just connect the USB connector firmly and click “OK” button.

4.  You just need to restart your computer for changes to take effect.

5.  After restart just test the speaker.

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