Spam emails appear to be coming through our Exchange 2007

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We receive spam emails in the thousands every day. These spam emails appear to be coming through our Exchange 2007 Server. We do have antivirus installed that is the latest version and is able to scan the client and servers in its entirety. There are no spam emails coming through to our workstations.

There are a few spam emails that come into our server. When opened, the contents of these spam emails have no files associated with it. A test run done on Open Relays does not yield any spam email.

However, every few days, a small number of spam emails still come into our server. I don’t know if our firewall is blocking these spam emails or not. Can you tell how to make sure no spam email get through to our system? Also, is there a way for me to place a quota on the number of messages that users can send?


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Spam emails appear to be coming through our Exchange 2007



There are several solutions or techniqes to block spam emails. All of this solutions have their pro and contras. Some of them are free, others cost money. By using these techniques or solution you are able to block 98% or more. Like
1) Spam Blocker Services 
2) Spam Email Filters and
3) Exchange Server 2007 SPAM filtering features without using Exchange Server 2007 Edge Server
I want to explain third technique for you. I hope this will help you.
This feature is only available within that role by default but can be enabled on each Exchange Server 2007 running Hub Transport Role.
Adding this functionality to your Hub Transport servers is prety simple process.
First, open the Exchange Management Shell.(In the script folder, you will find a PowerShell script to install the Anti-spam agents)
  • Run the command
  • Restart transport service and exchange managemant console.


After restarting the Exchange Transport Service, you have a new tab in Exchange Management Console available which will look like this:
Than take a closer look into each feature of Anti-Spam and configure settings according to you need.
  • Content Filtering
  • IP Allow List
  • IP Allow List Providers
  • IP Block List
  • IP Block List Providers
  • Recipient Filtering
  • Sender Filtering
  • Sender ID
  • Sender Reputation


Secand Question:  Yes, you can set quota for each user by consulting your exchange administrator. The default quota for a single user is 300 MB. You can increase or decrease according to your organizations need.


Good Luck.





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