Spacing issue in MS Word 2007

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I am using MS Word for last many years. Recently I have used MS Word 2007, and I am facing the spacing problem. Whenever I want to increase the space between the line by 5 point, I press CTRL+5 and it occurs.

But sometimes when I want to finish the space and I repeat this process, it fails.

Can anyone help on this issue? Even the FORMAT PAINTER BRUSH does not work in this case sometimes.

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Spacing issue in MS Word 2007


MS Word is user-friendly. To increase or decrease the line spacing you have to:

  • Be on the HOME tab, PARAGRAPH group.
  • Move your mouse pointer on the icons in the group until you see LINE SPACING pop-up box.
  • Click on it and select your choice.
  • You may set a style of your choice by clicking on LINE SPACING OPTION…. A PARAGRAPH dialog box appears where you change the settings of the line spacing in the INDENTS AND SPACING tab


  • First select the text or graphic and then click the home tab and go to the clipboard tab and click on the icon with the brush. Then highlight the text or graphic that you want to share format.
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Spacing issue in MS Word 2007


Dear Yasirfarooqusman,

These technology always messes with us and sometimes, all we have to do is show it some tricks of ours. For me though, what I do is type everything I need in the document and when I am through, that is when I do all my spacing. That is much easier, quicker and less headache instead of doing spacing while working in the document.

However, if that does not work, you can always hit the office button then click on office option to save the document as a MS Word 2003. This way, you can do your work as you have always done, save and then open and save as a MS Word 2007 document.

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Spacing issue in MS Word 2007


If at all you try all the possible ways and it refuses, you can change the line spacing in selected parts of a document by highlighting the text you want to change.

  • Click on paragraph from the menu bar.
  • Then click on the line and Paragraph Spacing button.
  • This will enable you to choose whichever style and size of spacing you want.

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