Source File is Corrupted? What to do next?

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I downloaded the .iso of Far Cry 4 which was around 12GB. I'm able to mount the CD Image using Daemon Tools Lite but when I click on setup.exe, it says that the source file is corrupted. Is it the problem with the Mounting Software or anything else? Have I spent time downloading 12GB of data?

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Source File is Corrupted? What to do next?




Downloading 12GB size of file is pain staking situation for anyone.

There are many reasons why some files we download from the web is corrupted. There are several factors contributes to this problem.

1. Clashes with firewall, anti-malicious wares and antivirus are the major causes of this.  Any files we download, any files we copy or transfer from any type of media were considered by antivirus a virus. Any new files downloaded will be scanned and antivirus will penetrate the encryption of .ISO files. In any website there are other companies also embedding spams for advertisements, phishing software that can snip into some parts of .iso.

2. Some parts of our computer like software and hardware are vulnerable or unstable the clashes while downloading the mentioned files for so long.

3. Changes or adjustments made in the website where you downloaded the .iso file.

The best way to resolve this is to look for that file in the net and reload the specific .exe file.

We can do that. I am sure. I downloaded an old game that do have the issue and I was able to make it run by downloading again the corrupted file.

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