SoundSource cannot find Atmosphere Strings Ambientzmap

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I have this error with SoundSource it cannot find this file Atmosphere Strings Ambient.zmap. The program is working just fine on my friend’s laptop, but it has this error on my PC. We both run the same OS, almost the same configs. We can’t figure it out about this error, so please someone can help me with this and fix the error ? Why I have this error and my friend not ?

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Cannot load SoundSource “Atmosphere Strings –

Ambient from Directory Core Library”. File

Atmosphere Strings — Ambient.zmap may be missing

or corrupted. Try refreshing the SoundSource



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SoundSource cannot find Atmosphere Strings Ambientzmap


If the program is informing you of a possible missing file then the best way to check it is to find out if the file is indeed missing from the indicated directory since it is where the program expects it. Try going to the installation folder of SoundSource and go inside the Core Library directory. Verify if you can find the file “Atmosphere Strings – Ambient.zmap” inside.

If you cannot find the file then it is not just an error or a conflict in the system. It is a missing file in the software that will prevent the program from opening. Since it is a missing file in the program, try reinstalling the software to restore all default files. This is also a great way to restore or fix any missing or corrupted files in the application.

Since the missing file can be fixed by reinstalling the software, try downloading the latest version from SoundSource 2.5.1. This version fully supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and higher.

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