Sound track instable with flow – media error

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My DA player is running video files with sound track without proper sync and it is causing the sound comes later than the video which makes it really odd to watch anything. I do not know whether it is a problem with the player or is it a problem with the files. If there is a setting for solving this problem than let me know. If there is a software that is beyond that problem than let me know of it as well. Looking forward to your informative answers.

Arnold Huang

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Sound track instable with flow – media error



There are some points you may follow to solve you current problem:

1. There may be some problem with the video files. They may be converted or corrupted with other program. You should be more careful about USB Device/DVD/CD.

2. Your DA player may not work properly or your DA player is not compatible with your recent configuration. You can check it by installing another video player.

3. This may also happen if there are several programs running while playing.

4. Your sound system interruption (sound comes later) is the result of above mentioned cases.

I hope you understand it.


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Sound track instable with flow – media error



There is no problem with the player, problem is with the settings. Adopt the following procedure for better result:

There are settings in the audio menu named as "Delay plus and Delay minus" You just need to try different settings. Most probably you will find the required results at -4. Unfortunately this DA player doesn't save the settings, so you have to adopt the same procedure every time you run the player for proper audio sync.



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