Sophos Error 3005 on my Windows 2000

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Hi Techs,

I am new using Sophos and it is just recently setup. I am using Windows 2000 and I think something was not done right. So,

I tried to uninstall Endpoint and Security Control in the Control Panel> Add Remove Programs and I am receiving this Error 3005 which states that I am not a member of Sophos Administrator Group. Now, let me admit that when it comes to trying new things, I am good at it, but when encountering these kinds of error, I am somehow at a lost. First of all, I do not know how to add my current user as a Sophos Administrator. What's weird is that I am an Administrator in my PC. I am reaching out to tech people out there who knows more about Sophos than I am.


Thanks in advance.

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Sophos Error 3005 on my Windows 2000


As a result of removing End Point Security or Sophos Anti virus, you will get the Error 3005 message. It says that you are not a member of Sophos Administrator Group. It is because the original installation did no work or the necessary users were not set up. I have provided the steps to help us address this issue:

1. Please click on the Start menu.
2. Please go to Control Panel. If the SophosAdministrator group is not present, you may need to add it.

  1. Please go to My Computer
  2. Please click on Manage
  3. Please click on Local Users then please click on Groups
  4. Please select SophosAdministrator
  5. Please click on ADD button
  6. On the white space, please enter your username and click Check Names. The system will trace the name in the directory. Please click "OK."

3. Once the administrator user has been added, you can now got to Add/Remove program and click on the  Sophos Antivirus application and click Uninstall. 

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Sophos Error 3005 on my Windows 2000


Hello Alexis,

You will need to check if the Sophos Administrator group exists. If it does not, you will need to create it and make sure that your administrative account is a member of it.

  • First, you will need to open the Computer Management snap in: Go to Start > Run > Type: compmgmt.msc> Press return.
  • Go to the left hand tree and then expand 'Local Users and Groups' > 'Groups'.
  • After that look for the 'Sophos Administrator' group.  In case the group does not exist:

    • You will need to right-click the 'Group' folder from the left hand tree and then choose 'New Group…'
    • After that enter the group name precisely as the one word group name: SophosAdministrator
    • And then click the 'Create' button.
  • Next you will right-click the SophosAdministrator group and then choose Properties.
  • After that add your user account to the SophosAdministrator group.
  • And then exit the Computer Management snap in.
  • After that open the Add/Remove Programs list: Start > Run > Type: appwiz.cpl> Press Return.
  • Select the 'Sophos Anti-Virus' component and uninstall it.




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