Sonic Adventure DX failed to start

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Hello whiz,

I love to play games, I am typical gamer my friends used to say that. But now I am facing an annoying error with the Steam Game Launch. I tried to launch the Steam I ended up with an error message. I have no idea why this error appeared, totally confused please help me.



Sonic Adventure DX failed to start (error code 83).

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Sonic Adventure DX failed to start


This error is occurring may be "Behavior Shield" of Avast Antivirus is preventing the game from executing. To resolve this issue with a simple way:

1. Right-click on “Avast Antivirus” icon in the system tray.

2. Click”Avast! shields control”.

3. Click on “Disable for 10 Minutes” from the drop-down list.

4. Now Run your game.

You can follow advanced way too:

1. Go to “Avast Antivirus”

2. Click “Real-time-Shields”.

3. Click on “Behavior Shield”.

4. Click on “Trusted Processes”.

5. Navigate to your game directory & add the game’s .exe file and add it.

6.  Now click “OK” and close the Avast interface.

See it should be done now.

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Sonic Adventure DX failed to start


For some, this error occurs due to the security programs installed on their computer. There are some features of the antivirus that can prevent the program to run properly. If this is the case, try disabling your antivirus temporarily but remember that this step will make your computer prone to viruses. For others, this issue is due to Firewall. To resolve this, you may need to disable your Firewall while you are playing the game or just allow the game to access Internet or run the game in offline mode.

If none works, you can go to Steam Powered official page and report the error you are encountering.

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