Sometimes Hp printer does not respond print command

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Hi There!

I use HP 1005 laser printer for my office work. It is good printer but it has one problem. I cannot imagine what is this? I am going to tell you this problem.

Sometimes I press CTRL+P for print but printer does not respond my command.

An error occurred while trying to add the selected printer.


 Then if I restart my PC so printing will be starting.

I check printer USB cable. All right.

So why printer cannot respond printing command sometime?

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Sometimes Hp printer does not respond print command


This problem is on the printer itself. It has a hard time initializing sometimes. This is common to printers. Sometimes you use it with care, the next time you use it, it got busted. There is really no telling when a printer would go hay-wired.

If your printer wouldn't function again, try checking this out:

  1. Check if it is plugged in the AC outlet and the printer is turned ON
  2. Check if the printer cable or USB cable is properly attached
  3. Check if the software you are using to print is already setup to use the printer. If not, add a printer using the control panel

To add a printer:

  1. Click the START button
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Click on Printers and Other Hardware
  4. Click on the Add a printer link below the message Pick a task… then follow the steps.

If all is OK and it is still happening on your printer, then just stick to the procedure you are doing whenever your printer doesn't respond. It is all in your printer and your computer has nothing to do with that error.

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