Some information about SMTP embedded image SAS

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I am using SAS software for email. I have to socket it to an STMP server. So, I need some information about SMTP embedded image SAS to continue this process. 

Can you help me to do this work?

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Some information about SMTP embedded image SAS


Hello Mr. Faz,

Overview of SAS support for Email
With this software you can send email by DATA step, SAS procedure or SCL.
You can:
Use the logic of the DATA step
Send email automatically
Based on the results of processing you can have direct output. 
According to SAS tech support imbed the image in the email message is not possible with the current version. May be it will be possible for the next release of SAS.
Till then you can do the following
If you want to add an image in SAS mail:
We have the same problem but the solutions might not be the same since we don't know how to embed images on the email itself. Instead, we will place the images under the web server and then make an HTML document that has the information on those images. The email will be created through the email file such as type='text/html' option and the HTML code is written below:

filename Sendmail email to=("[email protected]")

                        from='[email protected]'


                        subject="Here is my email";

data outfile;

length line $ 4000;

infile "c:MyHTMLBaseEmail.html" Irecl=4000 TRUNCOVER;

input line $ 1 -4000;


data _null;

 file SendMail;

set outfile;

put line;


The user will receive the email with images displayed inline, however the user will need to click something that allows their clients to download the images.
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Some information about SMTP embedded image SAS


Hi Lance Faz,

SMTP is an email protocol that is used by SAS to send email. This protocol provides a secure and on point method to send your email and avoids user interaction with outlook because it is configured to specify your email server directly. For the set up process:

  • You should obtain server setting for outlook
  • The next step is SAS configuration file path retrieval
  • In the configuration file, set email options

Sending emails from SAS is almost similar to outlook method.

A useful summary of SMTP embedded image SAS can be found here.

Hope you find this information useful.

Thank you.

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