Solution To What Is My PC Backup And How To Uninstall It From Your Computer

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Guys I recently installed some free software from the internet. Ever since then I have noticed a program called My PC Backup being installed in my system. I hadn’t installed it myself, and I believe it is some sort of malware. So can anyone tell me what my  PC  backup is and how to uninstall it from my PC?

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Solution To What Is My PC Backup And How To Uninstall It From Your Computer


My PC Backup is a cloud-based backup client or utility that helps you to backup all your data to the cloud. IT is a paid backup utility. In many cases, it is installed along with some other free software to which it was basically bundled into. Now users often find this program installed in their PC without even knowing about it and it comes into their attention when they encounter with a My PC Backup pop on their screen. Now here’s how you can uninstall My PC Backup and clean the malicious content from your PC.

1) Open the Run box on your PC by pressing Windows + R keys.

2) Now type “appwiz.cpl” in the Run box.

3) Now after which the Program and Features window are displayed on the screen. Look for MyPC Backup in the list of programs.

4) After pointing it out right click on it and click uninstall and this should uninstall My PC Backup from your PC.

5) Now if you are having any issues while uninstalling it try some third party software like Revo Uninstaller to uninstall it from your PC.

6) Now to remove all the adware that is left behind in your system after uninstalling, Use some adware remover like Malwarebytes adware cleaner

You can download it free from online.

Basically, what it will do is perform a complete scan of your system and remove all the adware from your PC.

You can also perform a scan via the anti-virus software installed on your PC. Since most of the anti-virus software comes with integrated adware cleaner

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Solution To What Is My PC Backup And How To Uninstall It From Your Computer


I don’t think it is a virus or MyPCBackup is a virus. You probably just didn’t check the program you installed if it added another application during the installation. Most of the time, the installers of applications you download from the internet is bundled with another application.

That means when you install the program, somewhere in the installation it will ask you if you want to install the other application being displayed. In my experience, the option to install the second application is selected by default. Now, if you don’t read most of the information being displayed during the installation like most users do, you will end up installing the second application also.

This is not a virus but a form of advertisement or promotion to make the program known to users or to reach possible customers. In your case, that what’s happened. Maybe during the installation, you did not pay much attention to the information being displayed but just kept on clicking “Next” to go on with the installation.

If you want to know what the program is all about, visit to know more. It is actually a backup service offering users 1 GB of free online backup storage. If you are still in doubt that it is a virus or malware, download and install Sophos Virus Removal Tool and scan your computer.

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