Solid State Drive LAMD controller

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Is a Solid State Drive With a LAMD controller is better than one without the controller ?

What points should I keep in mind before buying a Solid State Drive ?

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Solid State Drive LAMD controller



The LAMD controller (Link A Media Devices) is a 4th generation media controller. The LAMD is a SoC (SYSTEM ON CHIP)  developed product. The LAMD controller have the following features main features
90,000 read / 85,000 write IOPS (assumed 4k random)
The drive can accomplish speeds of 555MB/s read / 370MB/s write (sequential) 
So the ones containing LAMD are better than the ones without it.
If you install windows 7 on an SSD it would boot in seconds. If you are a person who is specifically concerned about the speed, you should definitely go for SSD
The main things to keep in mind while buying a SSD drive are
Money you have to spend
Storage space that you need
Sata 1 or 2 or 3 (SSD with SATA 2 will be faster than any hard drives, but SATA  3 is the ultimate and is uncomparable)

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