Soldier Front does not work now

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The time I play my favorite game namely Soldier Front, an error message breaks down the process and gets me out of the game. I’m merely facing this particular issue with Soldier Front but not with any other games. I am in great need of help and support. Following is the screenshot of error message I’m facing.


Toocan IPC Window:Windows-Application Error

The instruction at "0x7c342f30" referenced memory at "0x7e4311d1".The memory could not be "written".

Click on OK to terminate the program

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Soldier Front does not work now




This error is usually caused when the OS allocates memory to a program that is originally not dedicated to that program; normally, a program has access to a range of memory that has been already assigned to it. Now, if this program try to access memory that is not assigned to it, a similar error message is raised.

But what will causes a program to access a memory that is not assigned to it, unfortunately, this can be caused by a large variety of problems.

But you can still try to uninstall the game, and remove all the associated folders, search in you computer for any folder that is linked to your program and remove it.

Once removed, try to re-install the game.

Hope this will solve your problem.

Thank you

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Soldier Front does not work now



This error happens when the Operating System allocates memory to a program that is originally not dedicated to that program. Unfortunately this can be caused by large variety of problems. I will provide you three options to fix this issue.
1. System Restore – This is a utility within windows that saves the configuration of your computer before any configuration changes or updates are installed. This utility will allow you to switch back to a specific point in time where in the game worked without this error message. This is completely reversible meaning if you do not want the result or it did not fix the problem, you can revert the changes that the utility has made.
Click the start button> All programs > Accessories> System Tools >System restore.
What for awhile as it usually takes 10-15 seconds to open, click the option to choose a restore point or choose a different restore point, this will show specific events (Time and Date) where in changes to your computer were made. Just simply select the date where in the game worked without any problems and run the utility, the computer will restart and this should take five to thirty minutes depending on how many changes were altered.
2. Game reinstallation – If the first step did not work, I will suggest that you remove or uninstall your game and reinstall it again, please visit the manufacturer of the game as well and download any updates from their website.
3. Batch file – I did a research regarding this problem and this seems to be a known issue. It seems that you can still play the game after clicking OK on this error message but the game configuration of your game (Soldier Front) will go back to default.
This step is a work around, what it does is that you will copy your game settings on a separate file and you will setup a batch file for your configuration (A file that you can click which updates your game configuration that you want) that you will have to run before you play the game. If you are not familiar with simply browsing the files within windows to locate the configuration files, I suggest that you focus on the first and second fixes that I have on this post instead.
How to save your configuration b4 the game replace it again:
a. Go into the game.
b. Do your configurations.
c. Exit the game.
d. Go to C:ijjiENGLISHu_sfdata.
e. Copy the config_new.cfg file and put it in another place. 
f. Open it with notepad and be sure that your own configuration is saved in it.
g. Rename config_new.cfg to config_new.txt (i have mine in my desktop).
How to do a batch file? Simple: 
a. Open a notepad.
b. Put this lines in it:  
  • Copy config_new.txt C:ijjiENGLISHu_sfdata
  • Del "C:ijjiENGLISHu_sfdataconfig_new.cfg"
  • Rename "C:ijjiENGLISHu_sfdataconfig_new.txt" config_new.cfg
c. Save as (example config_new.bat).
EDIT: just one instruction line.
  • Copy config_new.cfg C:ijjiENGLISHu_sfdata
*IMPORTANT* execute the batch after the game has downloaded his small files. You need to execute this file each time that you going to play.
This fix is not for everyone but has been tested and worked for most people who did this. I hope this fixes your problem!

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