Software which can help in uploading

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I wan to ask about software which can help in uploading a file. for example while downloading if our connection is lost, we can resume our downloading from the point where we lost. but my question is, is it possible in case of uploading? i.e we can resume our uploading from the point where we lost.

Please tell me if there is any software , or if there is no such software then why?
why it is not possible?


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Software which can help in uploading


One of the freeware softwares I can recommend for you to use in resuming interrupted upload is Download Manager.

Download manager is committed to the task of downloading and uploading files from the internet storage, and is very useful especially to active internet users. It also provides means to recover from errors without losing the completed work.

It features error recovery and resume capability which will restart broken or uninterrupted downloads due to various reasons like network problems, lost internet connections, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

Furthermore, Download Manager has the following features:

  • Pausing downloading files;
  • Resume broken or paused downloads;
  • Download several files at a time;
  • Schedule downloads;
  • Automatic sub-folder generation.
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Software which can help in uploading


I’m not sure if there is an application out there that can handle a file upload or download resume option even if the web site doesn’t support it. I think what you want to do is to force the web site to resume the interrupted file download or upload.

Normally, the resume option for file download and upload really depends on the web site that offers it. If they support file resuming then you can use it to pause your download or upload.

But if the site doesn’t support file resuming, then you have no choice but to complete the whole upload or download process until the whole file is downloaded or uploaded.

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