Software updates are not available

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Hi there,

I got this message while scanning the system for necessary updates and nothing was installed but it says that my device has been modified. The problem is that some apps request my permission to install some updates even if says that none are available. Does anyone have any idea about this ? What should I do ?

Thank you !

About device

Software update

Your device has been modified.

Software updates are not available.


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Software updates are not available


Have you rooted your mobile phone? The phone that you're holding has a root counter, if ever by accident that you have installed supersu and has modified your system, the root counter will count up and the system update cannot be done now, you can't change that even you perform a factory reset.

Note: Unrooting them too won't help

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Software updates are not available


Hello Ronald,
Actually, this kind of problem can take place because of several causes.
Sometimes this takes place, because of some buggy apps installation or device malfunctioning etc. However, why don't you start restoration with a relatively easy process, that is-
1. Detach your phone /device from all power sources
2. Detach USB port from other connected device
3. Unmout and remove the SD card
4. Stop the device
5. If possible, remove battery and wait for sometime
6. Now put the battery and start device
7. Check status now, it is supposed to be solved
8. Once solved, insert SD card again
9. Your issue should get resolved by now

Here I am considering, you did not root your phone.

If you did, then restore back original OS and reset at factory settings, and this should work


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