Software for Proper Writing and Grammar

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I am a bilingual student who has knowledge on both English and Spanish language and I am having difficulties doing proper writing and essay papers.

I am seeking for any software that can help me on writing with proper grammar, styles (APA/MAPA) etc.

I can also use a program that uses English and Spanish grammar.

Thank you.

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Software for Proper Writing and Grammar



Good Day Justin!

If you talk about grammar software’s there are plenty to choose from, but since you mentioned that you are

a bilingual then I will recommend a software programs that you can use for both Spanish and English. It will help you save money on purchasing a grammar software program since you are still a student. If you want to have an advance program that translate in full text. You can try White Smoke 2011+ since it has a good feedback from its users it help them make their work faster and easy.

And it is useful for bilinguals like you because it has multilingual dictionary. With the advancement of the technology at your fingertips you are surely that your writing will be no less than 100% perfect.
The good news is that one of its features has self improved writing tool. What more can you ask for, the tool itself will give you tips. 

Another software that I can recommend to is the Spanish Grammatica.It is also useful for you since it has a reliable grammar and syntax analysis for English and Spanish. It can check punctuation and questionable constructions. You can use the conjugated verb button to look up to the standard conjunction of the selected verb.

Having the advance tool makes the correcting and editing text faster. The spelling checker identifies many errors than other program miss. You can use Grammatical without using the internet as long as it is downloaded to your computer.


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Software for Proper Writing and Grammar


Hello Justin,

I will advise you to try using some of the translating software, some which you can download and install on your computer while others you can just use them online for free. Some of these software include, and you can as well Google for online translators and use whichever you find appealing to you.

You can use them to convert the languages from English to Spanish and back, and then cross check for any grammatical errors using the Microsoft word editor which will help you identify the spelling errors and any misplaced words and sentences and correct them.


Lee Hung

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