Software that makes invisible in surfing the internet

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Hi there,

Is there any software I can use to be invisible in surfing the internet? If there is, where I can get that software?


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Software that makes invisible in surfing the internet


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Software that makes invisible in surfing the internet


If you don’t want to be tracked when you are online or you want your IP address to be hidden while you are online, you can sign up for a proxy account. It will not only hide your actual IP address but will make you appear as if you were from a different country or you are browsing from a different location where in fact you are actually at home.

This is useful when opening websites that are normally blocked in your country. Another solution you can try is to use a public proxy server. This one doesn’t require any installation. You only need to visit a public proxy server with your web browser, enter the website address, and browse the site.

It will also hide your real IP address because the one that will be detected by the site is the proxy server’s default IP address. Here is a list of several public proxy servers:

  • – supports HiAn with 1.8 seconds access time.
  • – 1.2-second access time and supports HiAn.
  • – supports HiAn with 1.3-second access time.
  • – has a 1-second access time and supports HiAn.
  • PuzzleProxy – this proxy server supports both HiAn and SSL. Access time is 1.1 seconds.

Please check the availability of the public proxy servers. Some of them may come and go.

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