Software data export from excel to word

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I use both applications of MS word and Excel simultaneously.

But it is not showing options to export data in the same format and formulas as copied from Excel sheet, even it is as simple as addition or percentage, have to just compromise the figures displayed.

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Software data export from excel to word


Please follow below options:

1.You can just simply select the cells you want to copy from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Word (Ctrl+C) to copy the selected cells.

Now open a new document in Microsoft Word and simply paste (Ctrl+V).

Then you can just adjust according to your desire format.



3. You can download a software to convert or to export excel to word. Copy the link. 

Download Link File Conversion Wizard for Word and Excel

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Software data export from excel to word


Hi there user:

When I was still a Newbie to use MS Office, I had the same problem in my work-place, especially if I’m in a hurry. It trouble me much copying from Excel to Word. Well, every problem has a solution, right?

Here’s what you’ll do if you want to use Copy/Paste Method.

Open both MS Excel and Word. Now select the range of the table or tables you need in Excel. Click the Edit, and Copy. Go to your Word, and click Edit, and Paste. You may just adjust the size.

 Here’s what you’ll do if you want to Export Method. Still, from Excel to Word.

While you’re in Excel, click File, and then Save As.

Click CSV or TEXT option for its file type. Rename it. Now you have it in .csv file. And in your Word, click File, and open the .csv file you created. Click the Table / Convert / Text to table and then Ok. That’s it.

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Software data export from excel to word


Hello MobyAhmed,

Your Excel data can be exported by simply highlighting all the needed entries, click File tab and then Cut. Then in your Word document, click File tab and click paste. Table size may not be the same but the data are the same. 

Just adjust your table to fit its contents. The second way, after entering all the data, click File tab and then Save as. Under Save as type, choose CSV (comma delimited) and then rename your file as you like.

Go to the Word and the click File tab, Open and find your document with the CSV format and click Open.

The data that will appear is only separated by commas. Highlight all the data and then Click Table in the Menu bar and then choose Convert then choose Text to Table.

Then check Separate text at Comma option.

The file will be converted the same as it is in Excel.

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