Software could not be installed

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I reformatted my computer and started installing my old drivers and other softwares.

When I tried to install “Google Earth”, it sends me this error:

Google Updater
This software (Google Earth) could not be installed
Your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements for this version of Google Earth. This installation will be automatically removed from your selections.
Click the Help link above to learn more. 
I checked all my hardware drivers to make sure that I have the same specs.  It still gives me this error.
Can you guys give me some tips on what to check?
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Software could not be installed



Space is not the only requirement to install anything in your system. The major requirements are RAM and processor. Had you checked those.? These things are enough to install Google Earth in your system.

Sometimes, it is also not possible due to security reasons. So, check your anti-virus and try to install Google Earth after disabling your anti-virus. You should also update your windows, specially your browser.

In error message,  it was also written the given version of Google Earth. Try to install another version of Google Earth.  It will work.

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Software could not be installed


If the problem happens when you try to install Google Earth through the Google Updater, try installing Google Earth separately. To do so, download the latest version directly from

If installing Earth directly didn't resolve the issue, it's likely that the problem you're experiencing is related to Earth specifically. For these issues, see the Installing and Uninstalling Google Earth article in the Google Earth Help Center.

From here you can get all the news & updates about Google Earth.

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Software could not be installed



Good day,

This kind of problem is due to the incompatibility with your system hardware and software that you’ve installed.

Try to download another Google Earth compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Vista.

Thank you and good luck.



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