Software for converting jpeg into ai files

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There are over 500 files that need to convert from jpeg to Ai file. What is the name of software for converting jpeg into Ai files?

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Software for converting jpeg into ai files


To convert the files, I would suggest you get all the files into Photoshop and later save the image in the tiff format.

The vectorization process will work only with images that has very high contrast and with non gradated colors. Using the adobe illustrator (Only the cs3 and cs2 version only), it will group the areas with same or similar color into one and create them into vector shapes. For this, less colors are preferred and “black and white” (less gray tolerated) will be the best.

Back to the file, after saving it as tiff format, now you can import it into AI. With the image chosen, go to OBJECT>LIVE TRACE>TRACING OPTIONS, using this can let you choose better setting, after that, choose MAKE AND CONVERT TO LIVE PAINT from the menu

After the last step, you can choose OBJECT>LIVE PAINT>RELEASE

You can have better results using Adobe Streamline, but I personally think the program is not available anymore and it is created for computer only. Really unfortunate, but it’s really a good simple program.

Another option is using flash, but I cannot remember 100% what format it is, but this might be used: import your image to the stage, choose from the menu (Not really remember) choose TRACE BITMAP and you can set it as you want, after finish, save the file to EPS format.

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Software for converting jpeg into ai files


Hello Jamin,

It is virtually impossible to convert JPEG to AI; JPEG is for electronic or digital photographs and it is I the form of pixels whereas AI is an adobe illustrator file and is in the form of lines. However, to solve your problem you can follow the following steps:

1. Open adobe illustrator.

2. Drag the JPEG picture onto a new layout in AI.

3. Open the save tab and choose save as AI (or

It is quite a painstaking work but it is the best bet.

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