Slow system startup due to white progress bar

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I have dell p4 desktop system with windows XP sp2 installed. when i boot my system after dell logo screen, the system displays a black screen with white progress bar that takes about 1-2 minutes to load before going to windows xp splash screen. After then, there is no issue of performance and speed. Also no problem at system shutdown.

I did the following but could not fix the problem:

  • I installed fresh windows by formatting c: drive
  • Performed whole system scan with avg 11 and malware bytes anti malware
  • At system configuration utility (with MSCONFIG) I also optimized startup
  • Also check drives for bad sector with chkdsk utility

What could be the issue, Is there problem in hard or motherboard or in my installed drivers or something else, waiting for quick response.



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Slow system startup due to white progress bar



Having two antivirus installed on computer is not a good idea. Yes, you can have it on the system but running it simultaneously can lead to hard disk crash, slowing down of your computer, and conflict to the program. The ideal way to keep virus and malware at bay is to install one antivirus application and update it regularly.



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Slow system startup due to white progress bar


That’s why your computer takes too long to finish loading. It loads 2 types of antivirus on the system. Windows should only use one kind of antivirus to avoid any program conflict. The performance of the computer also depends on the antivirus you are using. There are antivirus brands that make the system slow and makes the booting process consume a lot of time. You can also enable the fast POST in the CMOS. I think this is what’s making your booting too long.

To improve your computer’s performance, have a regular maintenance on your system. Defrag it regularly and scan your computer for viruses regularly. And most importantly, use only one antivirus on your computer.

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