Slaving an internal hard disk and its procedure to follow

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What are the processes to observe to slave an internal hard disk of a desktop computer? I have bought a new hard disk with one terabytes of data space and I would like to fix it to serve as a primary hard disk while the old hard disk serves as a secondary hard disk. I would like you to assist me in performing this task in the shortest and simplest format. Thank you.

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Slaving an internal hard disk and its procedure to follow


Hi Bob T Smith,

I will illustrate to you the process of slaving your internal hard drive on your desktop computer.

Please follow these steps carefully:

1. Open the case of your 'System Unit'

2. Once inside the case of the computer, please locate and remove the hard drive that you need to make into a slave.

A. Remove the screws that hold hard drive in case

B. Disconnect the connector cables from the hard drive


3. Please move and place the small black 'Jumper' as shown below in the picture. The jumper should be placed on the pin that corresponds to the label 'Slave'.


A. Place the jumper pin as shown below

Once you have placed the 'jumper' on the 'Slave' pin, please reconnect your hard drive and boot your computer.

You should be all set now, if the process did not work, please check and ensure that the 'Jumper' is on the 'Slave' pin.

Thank you

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