Skype crashing on pressing “Call” button!

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I am facing strange problem for some time. I use Skype for voice call over the net. It was working fine but for last few days when i press "Call" button on Skype, it crashed my pc and pc got restarted. Skype or XP is not giving any error msg or anything.

I try to uninstall it and  reinstall with latest version but problem is still there. I don't know if it is some hardware issue or software.

I changed to Gtalk and its working fine but i miss Skype feature. any one here can help?

My operating system is XP SP2. 


Samir Joshi

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Skype crashing on pressing “Call” button!


Sometimes the problem is in our computer, the kind of internet connection we have, firewall, etc. But let’s try this one. When updating your Skype your firewall must be updated as well. If its necessary, close your Skype and choose quit. Now open firewall, delete your current Skype installer and re-install.

Download < Run and allow connecting.

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Skype crashing on pressing “Call” button!


Hello Samirjoshi,

I think you have a hardware problem since Gtalk is working properly with your PC. I suggest that you upgrade your hardware specially the RAM or try alternative way uninstall unnecessary programs installed on your computer. Try also to see what are the startup programs on your PC and try to not put a lot of programs to it specially those are not important ones.

Hope it helps 🙂

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