Skype Application Error – exception unknown software exception

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1. I often use Skype and have been doing so without incident for some time then one day I receive an error message.

It says : Application Error – exception unknown software exception.

The program gives me no option to click “OK” but when I do it crashes.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Skype but no joy, please help as I need Skype desperately for business.

This is what the error message looks like:

The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred W the application at location 0x0fae5639.



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Skype Application Error – exception unknown software exception


Hello Derrick

This is what I suggest in order for you to solve your problem:

First of all, check that your Windows version has all the latest updates installed. You can do this by accessing:

Verify that your Skype version runs in compatibility mode with your installed version of Windows. This often changes when updates are installed on the computer. You can do this by Right Clicking on the Skype shortcut located usually on your desktop, click Properties and under the Compatibility Tab check the Box where it says "Run this program in compatibility for" and select your version of Windows.

Another thing that may cause Skype to crash, is your current version of Direct X. Try downloading the latest version from:

If your program still crashes after all this is done, you should contact Skype Customer Support. You can do this in two ways.

1. By sending an email at [email protected]

2. You access this link:

Login with your username and password. On the left you will see Help Topic, where you will select Technical problems and in the right you select Installation Problems. At the bottom of the page, you click on Continue Support Request. In the new page loaded, click on Start a Chat. Again, complete the information I gave you previously and then click on Start Chat.

I hope this will help you solve your problem.


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