Sky Cloud Wi-Fi broadband hotspots

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Sky cloud WiFi  is now about to bring  over 10,000 hotspots of better broadband with boundless access.

What benefits come along with this announcement for Sky customers?

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Sky Cloud Wi-Fi broadband hotspots


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Sky Cloud Wi-Fi broadband hotspots


You got the right point that what benefits come along with the sky’s new announcement for the customer.

Before I tell you about it, I can clarify something about cloud WiFi. It located in such places like bus stop, coffee shop, plaza or varsity campus. WiFi cloud allowed it’s customers to access internet whenever and wherever HERE

The benefit is upcoming for the customer, now I’m going to point out below

  • Hotspot, It is available for the customer with no extra charge.
  • Clouds Hotspots give customers boundless access to internet with out signing in again and again by it’s new application name Sky Cloud WiFi. This will come to customer in mid April.
  • Over 4 million people pass through the cloud network everyday. Over 4000 thousand Hotspots added to cloud network since 1st January, 2012.
  • People can register up to six devices.
  • But it can be sure that their no more benefit from sky TV customer from this new announcement.
  • This can be activated in mid April 2012.

You can visit this site for more info

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