Skip the login and do a pass through authentication with AD

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We would like to skip the login and do a pass through authentication with AD. Is this possible? Usually, users do not like to enter their password more than they have to so we would be doing this behind a firewall. In the future, it would be possible that Wiki could log the users based from the Windows credentials automatically. 


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Skip the login and do a pass through authentication with AD


Hi Greg, Yes you can bypass the authentication process using AD. There is a link of login credentials between AD and Service Desk Plus. You change logging details in one and it would reflect in another. For configuring the AD authentication:

1. Login to Service Desk Plus.

2. Go to Admin tab in the header pane

3. On the Users block, press the Active Directory Authentication icon and enable AD authentication.

4. If you have imported users details from any of the domains in your network already, then click Enable button. If you have not imported users then you can do that by going to Import Requesters from Active Directory link.

After doing this make sure you don’t again select Local Authentication option from the Domain list box while logging in. To keep the authentication bypass ongoing, there should be regular imports of users to AD. To make it easy you can schedule the AD import. When you schedule the Active Directory Import, data from all the available domains in the application will be imported at the specified interval.

1. Check the Schedule AD import box. Specify the time interval in the text box. The user details gets imported automatically once in specified number of days.

2. Click saveADSync, to be in sync with the active directory.

Hope it answers your question well.

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