The SketchBook App Vs. Best 5 Drawing Application For Windows Tablets

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What are the best five drawing application softwares of Windows would you recommended for me to use on my Windows Tablet apart from SketchBook? I said apart from SketchBook because a friend of mine for about a week ago, she mentioned this app. However, I would be happy if you would grant me an in depth overview of this app. What are distinct features of the best five Windows apps as compared to SketchBook?

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The SketchBook App Vs. Best 5 Drawing Application For Windows Tablets


On your Tablet which supports and runs on Windows OS, I would recommend the following as the best drawing Windows applications software as side the SketchBook Application: the ArtRage Touch, InspirARTion, Sketchable, Graphiter, and the final one is the SketchTime app.

             The Autodesk’s SketchBook for Windows tablets is a pro-ranked application for artists in making paintings and drawings. The high-level brushes and the fluid pencils offered by the Autodesk’s SketchBook comes in simplicity as well as user friendly interface. In one spot, regardless of your location you can capture whatever starting from the least scribbles and designs to the biggest ideas moreover, this app is optimized explicitly for touch and stylus supported devices.

Here are some of the distinct features of this app itemized below.

1. It supports mock up pressure-sensitivity.

2. It offers you a zoom level of 2500% enabling you to have a full manipulation of your minute details in your artwork.

3. The app also offers a special package for users with SketchBook Account. Note that signing up for SketchBook Account is free and you are assured of accessing features like the Symmetry Tools, the Layer Editor, etc.

4. Users of Autodesk SketchBook with Pro Membership also have access to other advanced tools.

5. You can also select from more than ten default brushes comprising also of markers, pens, pencils, to experience a natural drawing.

6. The Pro Membership status offers a full access to the user of SketchBook App to manipulate every layer (be it the rich layer blending modes) as well as accessing the application programme irrespective of the type of device and Operating Systems.

7. With this application, the user do have a full screen size as his workspace (serving as a canvas) as well as having an ordinary user interface.

             The ArtRage Touch app comes in handy with all the tools available in a real art studio on your tablet. As well, this app features are produced specially for pen input device’s screen as well as touch screen tablets and smartphones.

  • Features like oil paint, watercolour, rollers, Pens, Palette Knives, Paint Tubes, pencils, are some of the tools typically accustomed to the artist.
  • The app has an Undo and Redo Support feature which adds up to savage actions worth to be reversed or redone.
  • The features allow the user to specify up and manipulate the colours and the type of grain in addition to the texture of canvas, etc.
  • The tools in the app can be set or adjusted as well as prefixing the various tool’s properties to store up preferred choices.
  • You can also trace images or photos and import them, hence serving as a reference when painting or even drawing.
  • The app also gives you access to control the transparency and opacity of each layer as well as having a modal value of basic blending.

           With the InspirARTion app, users are assured of being able to make scenic designs on your smartphone or tablet with ease irrespective of your status as a learner or virtuoso in art. One can draw, paint apart from designing with this app as well. The InspirARTion app is designed with every single art tool one would like to employ just to make this app your choicest app to stimulate electronic artworks such as sketches, paintings, drawings, etc. The app allows you to share your works with friends from your smartphones and tablets. You can also share the works designed with this app to your computer from your phone or tablet.

These are some of the exciting features of the app worth knowing:

  • Its brushes are incredible with numerous kinds of effects and results.
  • The ability to share your work as well as having the option of storing up work.
  • This app also supports pressure of the stylus or pen.

          The Sketchable app sparks live into your creative ideas and imaginations with its following features:

The camera feature captures a series of photographs hooked on journal intended for prompt editing and notes or comments.

It is the sole certified and specialized app on the Windows app store with layers such as an importation or snapping of images and photographs, also, go from a blank canvas.

It also comes with a usual keyboard shortcuts designed for quick course plotting. Getting accurate interactions erstwhile to contacts is added by the Brush Cursor Feedback feature.

Being able to insert, position, reorganise or rearrange, join or fuse up layers as well as transforming layers is the service of the Layers feature.

The colour pots of this app stores up to 12 distinctive colours for instantaneous use.

The efficiency of our interactions are powered by the GPU accelerated tools and canvas.

The Sketchable app allows you to undo the history that is unrelenting as well at least 12 steps.

There are a lot to say about this app however, just know that it’s the best app for getting out on the windows marketplace as stated earlier.

           The Graphiter app is a Pencil Sketching application intended for making digital graphite pencil drawings. The Pencil tool of the Graphiter application offers a wide range of Graphite Pencils from 2H (hard pencil) to 8B (soft pencil) hence aiding your drawings as well as your real sketching from light shades to dark shades when used. The app tools are so easy to adjust and customise enhancing a swift workflow.

With the Blend Tool, you are assured creating a smooth gradient and shading as you draw and also make real sketches. The Graphiter app guarantees the user an automatic saving of work hence making it easy to retrieve later on. You can also export your works, be it drawings, sketches to either a PNG files or a JPEG files.

            SketchTime, another powerful app recommended for artists has gain the name on the iOS app market hence achieving more than five hundred download. It is a simple app but considered as a powerful tool worth having on your tab and PC as well. This app comes handy with all the necessary tools needed to enhance and produce good sketches. It is the best choice for artist who intends to use an app which has few settings and customisations to choose from, with simple User Interface, and the likes, then the SketchTime app is your finest and recommended choice. Let me also inform you that this app is the best enhancer for quick sketches. This app also supports play back mode which runs very smoothly.

SketchTime allows you to share your sketches with friends on social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as sending them via Email. One great feature about this app is the fact that it has no limited number of Undo and Redo actions one can perform. This creates a great sense of confidence and boldness in the user taking away every fear of making mistakes which cannot be corrected or rectified. In one word I will describe this app as outstanding.

            Based on the above information given so far, the Autodesk’s SketchBook for Windows tablets stands tall among the five recommended apps given.

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