Is single testing is useful for the software products?

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Usually, large software products are tested at three different level like unit testing.integration testing, and system testiong.

Why not do a single thorough testing of the system after the system is developed?

for instance,detect all the defects in the product during system testing?

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Is single testing is useful for the software products?


Unit testing

Unit testing is a testing method that done which individual units of source code are tested to determine is there any defect.

Integrated testing

Integrated testing means integrate individual software modules are combined and tested as a group.

System testing

System testing means testing conducted on a complete, integrated system


These methods are very important when testing. We can’t test the whole system directly. It will not give the good test result.

Because if we correct some error in the system it can cause to another error in the system.

If we follow the correct way of testing we can easily identify those kind of problems.

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Is single testing is useful for the software products?



Single user testing is good, as long you trust your own criticism and you are sure to dedicate a lot of time and thoroughness in the testing process. But the reason why I may stand to question its effectiveness for testing software products that are bit complicated  is because you are developing the software for other people to use and not just you, and their point of view about it matters a great deal.

Also, when you involve other people in testing your product, you get to know the bugs that could not be visible to you but the other people could easily see them. The quality of the product you are developing is thus improved. Their critics also will be the driving force for you to make the system even better.

So my view is that for complex software products that will be used by a large number of people, I will prefer if you went for a multi-user testing as opposed to a single user testing method. But for software products that are simple and you really trust that you can give your best at it, then you can use single user testing.


Lee Lung

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