Single login account for CAD lab

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I want to setup ADS so users can have a single login account on CAD (Computer Aided Design) Workstations. How can I do that? In CAD, licenses and project profiles are already setup and when logging in to ADS, you have to make individual user accounts on a workstation that requires each user to setup licenses that is completely unmanageable.


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Single login account for CAD lab


Hello Smcarbado,

You can configure the user accounts on the server so that when a user logs onto any workstation, they are allowed to use only a certain username and password that you will set for them. The configurations will be done from a server which will be the main control point of the other workstations on the network.

Otherwise setting the username and passwords of the users on each PC will entail that each user has their own username and password, a thing that you do not want. So you will have to get a server to control the network.


Lee Hung

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