With a single click, my application opens

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Dear All,

Hi, I am Oliver Ville. I have a minor issue with my mouse. Whenever I do a single click on one of my applications, the program just starts to open or load. I am using in a setup that once double clicked, that’s when the program should open.

I think that is the conventional setup.

How will I get the settings of my mouse back to normal? I am not that much technical when in terms of locating and troubleshooting where the issue is. As much as possible, I do not want to touch any settings, unless advised of course, by the experts. I am using a Windows XP machine and a Dell mouse.

Please help me resolve this mouse issue.

It keeps getting into my nerves every time.


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With a single click, my application opens


Hi Oliver!

In order to solve your problem just follow the simple steps:

  1. Go to Windows explorer.
  2. Then go to Tools.
  3. From Tools, choose the Folder Options.
  4. A window will open up.
  5. Choose the General Tab.
  6. Then go to the third option of the menu and click on the option "Double click to open up an item"r problem will be solved.
Single Click to open an item
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With a single click, my application opens


Make sure you have not changed your desktop as a web page and that's why it is behaving like this, you can check it by just right clicking on your desktop and then it will show you your Display properties now go to the DESKTOP tab and select CUSTOMIZE Desktop now under here choose web and see your desktop is active as a web page or not.

Although if it is not then your PC must have some virus that is behaving like this, and thus causing the problem so go for a full scan on your PC.

Although the solution earlier provided is best suited in your case.

See your settings related to your web page and I am sure you will solve this issue through this.

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With a single click, my application opens


Hello Dear,

This is not a mouse problem. It seems that you have changed the settings in Windows Explorer. It is very easy to get back to the previous settings. Just follow these instructions.

1. Open the control panel, and click on File and Folder Options.

2. Open any drive, and click on Tools and choose Folder Options.

Then, this window will appear.

Double Click to open an Item

See the highlighted area in the picture.

Choose “Double Click to open an Item”, and the click OK. Now, your files will open with a double click. Thanks.



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