Simplifying high-tech highway to much cheaper way.

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I recently read about the automated high-way in Germany. Now they have alternative on how to lessen the expenses instead of converting all highways and road to digitized highway. They are going to embed sensors and telecommunication device with our cars. How useful is this? Can it really protect our safety or the human perceptions and instincts are still the best way to avoid accidents? What are the sensors that will be use and how is it going to work?

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Simplifying high-tech highway to much cheaper way.


Hello Martha!

The concept in this high-tech high-way and the integration in our cars are really ingenious. The difference and the breakthrough in our technology lessens the expenses. The good thing in our technology is that every year it gets better and better and cheaper.

Let us not consider anymore the high-tech high-way. Let us focus now in minimal expenses. Communication between cars is much easier to achieve. Embedding hardware and software can make the cars communicate to another. Like adding sensors. Proximity sensors will notify the car that it is almost colliding with another car. It can also trigger the car to “honk” and notify the other driver of the car that they need to keep distance or maintain speed, or go to the proper lane.

Application also can give more ease to drivers by forecasting the weather, forecasting the traffic or accidents in the nearby lane or exit so the driver can get another rerouting options. Embedding this sensor and application will give us less expenses than converting mileage of high-ways.

Stop-lights can also prevent the car for violating traffic rules. If it’s near the stop light it can actually send signals using Bluetooth or communicating through wireless.

Nothing can exceed human behavior and intelligence. Let’s say that a doctor need to save 2 lives. The first patient do have 30% chance than the other patient with 10% chance to surpass operation. In Artificial Intelligence it will conclude that it needs to save the patient with higher chances. In real life human doctors will save both.

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