Sibelius 6 fails to initialize playback devices

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Hello Experts,

I have been using Sibelius 5 without any issues for some time now and recently upgraded to Sibelius 6. Everything was fine with this version too until yesterday. From yesterday, when I try to initialize the playback devices from Sibelius 6 the following error messages turn up: ‘Audio engine Error: bad settings.’ I can’t think of any new changes I have made to my system in the last few days. No new installations or updates. I can click on the OK button on the error message and get back into Sibelius but I find that I am not able to hear any sounds. I tried opening the playback Devices and tried choosing the ‘Repair’ option from Audio Engine options button. And I tried initializing playback devices again. Unfortunately, this step failed too and I’m still not able to hear anything. Please can anyone suggest a fix for this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Audio engine Error: bad settings.

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Sibelius 6 fails to initialize playback devices


This error means that Sibelius is unable to initialize playback devices in your PC.

Sibelius might still think that it’s connected to another audio program through ReWire. Though you may skip this issue by clicking “OK”, you won’t be able to have any sound during playback. To fix this issue,

1. From Sibelius, open Play >> Setup >> Playback Devices.

2. Click on “Audio Engine Options”.

3. Click “Cleanup” and “Repair” button.

4. Restart Sibelius.

If still not fixed, it might require to make a reset of ReWire. Delete “sibelius.rewire” from the following location:

Windows Vista and 7 (Sibelius 7):

C:UsersYour usernameAppdataRoamingAvidCommon

Windows Vista and 7 (Sibelius 6):

C:UsersYour usernameAppdataRoamingSibelius SoftwareCommon

Windows XP (Sibelius 6):

C:Documents and SettingsYour UsernameApplication DataSibelius SoftwareCommon

Mac OS X (Sibelius 7):

Macintosh HD/Users/Your Username/Library/Application Support/Avid/Common

Mac OS X (Sibelius 6):

Macintosh HD/Users/Your Username/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Common


Start Sibelius and no problem this time.

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Sibelius 6 fails to initialize playback devices


Since “audio” is mentioned in the error message and you said you cannot hear anything from the video during playback, it can be a problem with either your sound card or the sound driver used by the program. To determine what causes the problem try playing any media whether music or video and check if you can hear the audio.

If you verify that the audio is fine, there is a problem with Sibelius 6. Since Sibelius 6 is an upgrade from your previous Sibelius 5 that you have, try doing a clean install of the program. Since you are using OS X, trash the program or move Sibelius 6 to the Trash or delete it. After this, install Sibelius 6 back and see if it works.

If this doesn’t work, try reinstalling your sound card or probably update its driver to the latest version. But since you’re on a Mac, there’s no way you can reinstall the driver for your sound card without reinstalling the entire OS X operating system. You should also check if Sibelius 6 still supports your operating system since it is an upgrade.

Sibelius 6 supports OS X 10.4.9 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard. For Microsoft Windows, it supports 32-bit Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or higher. If the problem continues, try upgrading Sibelius 6. Go to Upgrades for Sibelius 6 Users to download the free updates.

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