Show me the easy steps in installing a CPU

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How to install a CPU? Can anyone give me an easy steps? It will be helpful if you show me the simple and fastest way.

I'm new to it.

cpu installation


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Show me the easy steps in installing a CPU


The first them you will do before getting started on the installation process is to find a right place, a safe and suitable place for working, with a clean dry hands.

If ever you are using new motherboards, remove the protection cap and open the load plate by lifting the load lever. In the motherboard, find the alignment keys and pin 1 triangle indicators that will ensures position in the CPU correctly. Now, get ready on the installation process.

PGA CPU form: Take the CPU by its side and align it on the socket holes. If it doesn’t fit, it means the CPU is not in the correct position with the socket.
PGA CPU with socket holes
Take note: Only the PGA CPU has pins and the socket has holes. 
LGA CPU form : Again, take CPU by its sides, then align unit in the socket housing frame. Afterwards, close the load plate and secure the load lever with its hook.
LGA socket pins are too fragile
Take note:
LGA socket pins are too fragile. Do not move it with too much pressure or it will be unusable when broken.

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