Sheet of access 2007 to gather information

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I own a sheet of Access 2007 that I wish to circulate to my staff so that they can gather some information for me.

I would like in the same regard, to maintain the form of the access sheet and not change it to InfoPath or the hypertext mark-up language.

Therefore I would like to establish whether the form of my access sheet, when transferring it through outlook 2007 can remain the same as it is without any alterations being made to it.

Well, if this is not possible, are there any code words for hypertext mark-up language that could help the sheet maintain its original form?

I am grateful and kindly assist me.

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Sheet of access 2007 to gather information


In your database access page,  go to Tools > Database utilities > make MDE/ADE file > OK

Go back to Tools > Start up (this differs in wording for different access versions)

Uncheck check boxes for “turn off database view”, “access special keys” and ”ability to edit menus”

Some programs like Lassie can also do this at a fee of approximately $36.

Others include the Light application security and Solo.

Ensure you test the lock out before distribution preferably on a different machine

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