SharePoint came up with an “unexpected error”

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We are using the Microsoft SharePoint web application platform and have recently upgraded to version WSS3.0. We have about 200 SharePoint sites as well as custom web parts and custom lists. After installing version WSS3.0, we restored the 200 SharePoint sites and database information. The custom lists forms, however, are not functioning. I tried to build a new component in the list and blog but SharePoint came up with an “unexpected error” without any other information appearing in the application and SharePoint logs.

As far as I know, feature definitions should be found in the configuration database so I decided to reinstall all the features. I am still facing the same errors though. Can you please help?

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SharePoint came up with an “unexpected error”


You will need to debug the error that is causing that problem as follows:

  1. You will need to navigate to the Inetpub directory on your SharePoint server.
  2. And then you will go to the wwwroot folder.
  3. The next step will be to locate the wss folder.
  4. And thereafter you will navigate to the web application’s folder, which could be either a hostheader name, or a port number.
  5. When there, you will need to open the web.config file.
  6. And then look for the following line: <customerrors mode=”On” /> and change the “On” value to “Off”.
  7. Next you will have to look for the following line: <SafeMode MaxControls=”50″ CallStack=”false” and change the “false” value of CallStack to “true”.
  8. And after that you will find the following line: <compilation batch=”false” debug=”false“> and change the “false” value of debug to “true”.
  9. Lastly you will need to perform either an IISReset (hit windows + R and type IISRESET and click OK)

-Richard Gabriel

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