Setting-up work wifi connection- issue with quality

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I am trying to establish a wifi connection at work. What are the solutions available to be to make this happen? Also given that this is a work network, there are some issues in terms of accessibility. Some websites are currently blocked from access, will that be carried over to the wifi connection? 

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Setting-up work wifi connection- issue with quality


Before setting up wireless network at your work, you will need some right equipment.

1.       Internet connection and modem.

2.       Wireless router.

3.       Wireless network adapters.

A.   Once you get all these equipments, set up the modem and the internet connection. For connecting Modem to internet and the computer, you need to follow the instructions which come with the modem.

B.   Once you connect the modem, Internet and the computer place the wireless router somewhere where it will receive the strongest signal and minimum interference.

C.   Securing wireless network is the most important thing. If wireless signal goes beyond boundaries of your work place, then people nearby can access the data of all computers connected in the network. It’s very important to secure wireless network. Router itself comes with username and password. Protect your wireless connection by changing that default username and password.

D.  Set up security key for your network. To set up network key follow the below steps

1.   Click on start button.

2.   Go to control panel.

3.   Go to Network and sharing center.

4.   Click on set up new connection.

5.   Click on Setup new network.

6.   Fill all the appropriate information and Click on Next.

E.   Set up Firewall. This will help to protect your computer from outside malicious sites. Set up the sites which you want others to access.

This will set up your wireless network with secured connection and accessibility.

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