Setting up an Exchange 2007 mailbox from IDM

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I’m in the process of setting up an Exchange 2007 mailbox from IDM.

I tried setting up SMTP address in Exchange and everything works good.

But while I setup SMTP address with Primary SMTP Address, I’m getting an error message telling “Powershell:6c14f12c-3626-4024-a565-48b4756de3a3 is not mailbox user.

I could find that the mailbox possesses the SMTP address assigned by the Exchange. 

After five mins the task would be successful, and the SMTP is the one assigned by IDM primarysmtpaddress.

Can anybody suggest a solution to this problem?

I think that this could be as a result of delay of the controllers for replicating the active directories.

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Setting up an Exchange 2007 mailbox from IDM


SMTP (simple mail Transfer Protocol) works with Pop3 (post office protocol3) is responsible for sending emails. You are encountered an SMTP error through email clients such as Outlook Express, Windows mail, windows live mail, outlook, thunderbird etc.

When such email programs are unable to send an email that you have already composed, they display an SMTP error.

Many causes for this SMTP error:

  • During the process of sending emails
  • When the outgoing server address is not correct
  • When your email service is disallowed by the ISP
  • When outgoing email server address has different user name and password than the incoming POP server
  • IF SMTP server uses secure password for authentication this problems may happen
  • When recipient’s email address is incorrect
  • Fragile or no internet connection

Your problem happens because of at first you mistakenly entered incorrect email address or your outgoing server address was not correct.

You can get rid of the problem by setting default for [from] field is “[email protected]”.Somehow WP mail SMTP plugin was not reconfiguring this setting to what was given to you.

After that if you follow all causes for Disrupting SMTP then you can easily resolve your problem.

Good Luck

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