Set Printer to Print the Body Text Only

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I had my printing rule set up that will print specific incoming emails to the default printer. Can I set it so it won’t include the header information and only the body text will be printed and there will no excessive use of papers?

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Set Printer to Print the Body Text Only


I do not think that will be possible, because you can only specify to print the body of a message by selecting the body alone at the time of printing, and that will be done for an individual message at a time.

To print the message body alone, the best way how-to will be the following:

  • Copy the message body details into a word editor.
  • Customize the message, edit fonts if they are big and remove any headers and footers that might be in the message.
  • Press control + R on the keyboard to print the message.

That way, you will have printed only the body content of the message without the headers and footers.

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