Set my saved videos to .mpg file

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I am running Debut when capturing video files directly from my computer via webcam. The problem is all my recorded videos are set to save as .wmv file. I want it to be .mpg file. Every time I manually set it to save as .mpg, t will revert to its default settings. How can I set it permanently?

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Set my saved videos to .mpg file


Hi Samuel wood,

The file extension .wmv file is standward for the Windows movie file, wmv file stands for Windows Movie Viewer, it directly runs to any Windows Operating System. All you have to do is to look for the software to converts .wmv file to .mpg so that you can play it in your TV or DVD directly. There are many downloadable links in the internet that can convert .wmv file to .mpg files. You can try it one by one and look what's the best result. I try Nero before but is not successful on converting .wmv file to mpg file. This is just a common problem's of saving the files from cellphone, camera etc. Then don't know how to convert .wmv file to mpg file in order to view it on TV, not only video but also pictures, i wonder why this company had using different formats on there files, why is it there a standards of it.


Tony Stevenson

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Set my saved videos to .mpg file



I think you have a problem concerning changing .wmv to mpg all the time.
But its possible to save the recordings directly to .mpg permanently.

You just try to close and restart your debut software.
Then change the selection "record screen as" to .mpg
Then select encoder options change the compressor to MPEG2 or MPEG1 as quality needed.
Then click "ok" and you have saved the settings.
And start record and you will find the recordings in .mpg

I don't know which version you are using and its working for Debut v.1.64 .
Still,If you have any problem don't hesitate to ask.

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